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527 IT specialists are helping our clients release on time as we speak

Hire any stack remote
IT developers in 72 hours

Sure it is! Meanwhile, in a global shortage and high demand of high quality IT specialists, candidates exercise choice and salary negotiation power.

Does your competitive edge or strategy depend on speed and quality of development?


We offer an agile approach to rapid team expansion

More than 150 000 tested and qualified engineers have joined
Devio’s ranks
A 24 hour turnaround window between your application and the first interview
We will staff your project with the number of engineers you need, from 1 to 100

Testimonials and cases of our clients

Vitaly Alexandrov, Founder & CEO
Android, 3 per
DevOps, 1 per
AQA, 1 per
IOS, 3 per
QA, 2 per
The request was completed in 5 days.
Customer request: To assemble a team of 10 programmers
The speed and flexibility is crucial for us. Devio team managed to set up everything in just a couple of days while we prepared a legal docs. The feature of changing devs on the go is made for us, literally. We are able to adjust a team upon our needs.
Slava Khristich, CEO
"Thank you for helping us to close our open positions fast. The number of qualified candidates were satisfactory. Response time was great and good communications during engagement. I would recommend your services to the other companies who may need to close their open vacancies fast."
DevOps, 1 per
QA, 1 per
.Net, 1 per
React Developers, 3 per
The request was completed in 5 days.
Customer request: To assemble a team of 6 programmers
Konstantin Girkhovskiy, CTO
DevOps, 4 per
AQA, 1 per
QA, 1 per
Drupal, 1 per
Java Developers, 1 per
The request was completed in 4 days.
Customer request: To assemble a team of 8 programmers
"The collaboration was successful for me. Because Devio assembled a team for me in just four days. We continue to work together"
Andrei Odeski, CEO
"We are imprressed by fast sourcing and fast on-boarding of a team. They fully integrated into our core process. The quality of work is outstanding!"
IOS, 1 per
Android, 1 per
Java Developers, 1 per
The request was completed in 4 days.
Customer request: To assemble a team of 3 programmers
.Net, 4 per
Eugene Bombela, Bussines Development manager
Devio has brought talented and experienced developers and QAs to the project. Their team has been very responsive and approachable. The initial developers team has worked well throughout the entire project thus far. Communication has been effective.
The request was completed in 2 days.
Customer request: To assemble a team of 4 programmers

All candidates sign an NDA before they begin work

We are your best choice, if

Many of our clients have only a CTO and CIO on their team. We provide the human resources to implement their ideas

You are ready to focus on your product, not on endless searching and hiring

Being agile with your customers and products instead of losing projects, profit and market opportunity

Our clients have access to specialized expertise helping them meet their customers requirements for specific features, even if it is only for one project

Scale your business, not your staff

You can scale your company RISK FREE with us. No downtime waste or settling for less due to lack of engineers

On average, we close hiring requests in 72 hours

Role, technical stack, project duration

You send a request with details

We comb through our available engineers database for the perfect match

Candidate Selection

We share the CVs we picked for your review

Qualified Candidate CV Review

You interview the selected candidates. If required, candidates can take your test before the interview

Interview process

All parties sign documents. Termination of contract is penalty free

NDA & Contract

Congratulations! Your team has expanded

Onboarding a remote engineer into your team

Looking for the perfect solution to staff your team? It’s simple

We are experts at selecting and hiring the most sought after specialists.
Where we shine:
it takes us 3 days to integrate a remote IT Developer into your team
150 000
qualified Middle+ level engineers on Devio’s team
IT specialists are helping our clients release on time as we speak

These are just some of the technical stacks that our experts are skilled at

Back-end technologies
Front-end technologies
DevOps technologies

MS Dynamics
Google Cloud
MS Azure

Who you can outstaff for the project and beyond

Senior Software Engineers
Software Developers
Senior Ruby Developer
Senior Node Developers
Senior Software Tech Leads
Senior Android developers
Software Tech Lead Managers
Software Engineers
Software Architects
Senior Software Architects
Software Tech Leads
Senior Software Tech Lead Managers

Why the best developers join us:

We offer a wide choice of projects to match candidate’s interest and expertise
Our specialists are one team and resource each other when needed
We offer stable income and flexible schedule
Our specialists can work from anywhere in the world

General FAQ

How quickly and how many candidates can I get from you for each of my queries?
Once all the details of your enquiry have been clarified, you will receive 5 to 10 candidates for each position in the application, who meet all the stated criteria of your search, in no more than 72 working hours.
In which countries are your developers located?
We work with developers all over the world. Our priorities are the professionalism of the candidates, their safety and their knowledge of foreign languages. Most of our candidates are from the US, Canada, the EU and Eastern Europe. We are actively increasing our presence in South America.
Who do I pay for the work of the developers?
No matter how many candidates you hire from us - at the end of the month you get a detailed report on the hours they spent and one invoice for payment. You pay Devio Platform Inc.

Can I expect a replacement developer?
Yes, you can request a replacement developer in the first two weeks of work. We will provide a replacement within 24 business hours. Your request will receive the highest priority.
How do you check the quality of developers?
We qualify all developers before adding them to the database. The developer qualification includes validation of the developer's CV for compliance with the declared skills and softskill check, by passing several stages of online tests and live interview.
How does outstaffing differ from outsourcing?
Outstaffing is renting a specialist who works in a contracting company (outstaffer) to work on a project in the client company. The specialist is part of the client's team along with other members of the team, and his work is regulated by the management team. The client pays the contracting company for outstaffing services under the contract, and the contracting company in turn pays the specialist's salary.
The main difference between outsourcing and outstaffing is the purpose. Outsourcing is the transfer of a particular function to a third-party organisation, while outstaffing is the provision of staff. In both cases, the employees are part of the third party's staff.
Is it safe to work with us?
Before you start work, we make a formal contract. Any warranties and obligations spelled out in the contract will be unconditionally fulfilled and regulated by the State of Delaware.
 We and the specialist also sign an NDA on confidentiality of any information obtained during the performance of the contracted service before the work commences.